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Large food set for a large family (LFS).

For those who want to get a large set of products:
You need to contact us in any way convenient for you. Tell us about yourself (Briefly, where you live, who you live with, where you lived and worked before the war, what you plan to do next). Tell us about the children (How many children, how old, what they need). Send us your photo with children and photos of documents that you are a large family.
After approval of your application for a large set of products, we will send it to you by new mail (in this case, delivery will be at your expense) or you can pick it up in person from the point of issue.
Upon receipt, be sure to send us a photo of you and your children with a large set of products.

For those who want to help:
You can support us and our project by financially transferring money to our current account, or you can help large families on your behalf through us. The cost of one LFS at the moment is one thousand hryvnias. You can transfer money to us for any number of LFS and we will write your name or other information on the boxes and send these boxes to large families. After receiving them by large families, we will send you a photo report.
We will also be happy for any other help.

Product set: (20 kg)
– Cereals 3 kg.
– Pasta 3 kg.
– Canned meat 4 pcs.
– Milk 4 liters.
– Sugar 2 kg.
– Cookies 2 kg.
– Miscellaneous 2 kg.
As needed:
– Personal hygiene products
– Diapers
– Baby food

The grocery list is subject to change at our discretion.

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